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AAP announces FDI ban on political membership in Delhi, Congress fights to save its leadership

17, Jan 2014 By iamgreat

Delhi. AAP on Wednesday dropped yet another bombshell on the Congress party. The Delhi government has announced a ban on FDI in political membership which has created quite a flutter in the ruling party at the centre. The Congress, which has imported heavily from foreign soils such as Italy, has denounced this new ban.

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi
Discussing their new survival strategy.

Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi Chief Minister, has played his cards well before the Lok Sabha elections. Banning the entry of products of foreign investments in politics may create quite a roadblock for Congress for the looming elections. The ban has put a question mark on the future of the Congress president and her shehzada in the national capital. The Congress bigwigs have come out strongly and have rubbished the new ban.

“This is atrocious. I had one disciple, Rahul baba, whom I have groomed since he was a child. I have taught him to speak in public forums. I have taught him science (referring to escape velocity lessons) and secret intelligence (probably referring to ISI remarks on every Diwali cracker bursting in the country). I will fight for him. Give me Jethmalani’s number” said Mr.Digvijay Singh to India TV press. Coincidently, the interview was aired just after the news channel’s popular show which reverberates with words like “Gaur se dekhiye is chehre ko!”.

The UPA-II government has already instructed the CBI to investigate the sources of information on social networking sites that claim that Rahul Gandhi’s real name is Rau’l(the correct position of ‘ is actually a mystery and varies with every new report) and he holds an Italian citizenship. Higher sources in the government have revealed that Manmohan Singh has actually started thinking on the ‘outstanding credentials’ of Rahul Gandhi that he had claimed few weeks before. Sources claim he is worried whether those ‘credentials’ may actually end up in him “standing out” of Delhi.

Kejriwal has justified the ban saying that FDI in political memberships would create widespread unemployment and would rob the kirana stores of their right to make fun of other political figures with such ‘outstanding credentials’.

AAP leader, Kumar Vishwas, on being questioned the source of such data said “KOI DEEWANA KEHTA HAI….KOI PAGAL SAMAJHTA HAI.”