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AAP activists taped throwing stones at Orangutan in a Zoo, Kejwriwal and Shazia call it a conspiracy

22, Nov 2013 By goodguyankit

NEW DELHI: A weekend picnic to the zoo has turned into a public relations disaster for the Aam Aadmi Party as two of its activists were apprehended for monkeying around on Saturday.

Shazia calling it a conspiracy of opposition parties.
Shazia calling it a conspiracy of opposition parties.

To embarrass Arvind Kejriwal, who is already beset with controversies before the polls, Suresh and Ramesh, two pot bellied single men who blame their station in life on ‘Corrupshun’ were apprehended wearing “mein hun aam-aadmi” topees and were taped trying to intimidate the famous Orangutan from Borneo “Dojo” into voting for AAP.

According to zoo keeper Bhim Singh who rushed to the spot, the two men were caught on CCTV cameras creating a ruckus.

“They began plastering election posters on the marble plaque of the enclosure and when some elderly people protested they began shouting at them calling them corrupt. People fled when they raised the brooms we use to clean the enclosure threateningly”

Reportedly then Suresh and Ramesh shouted at the Orangutan and asked him if he supported Kejriwal at which point Dojo pointed to his butt.

“Dojo is otherwise of a calm nature.” said Bhim Singh, “But he does not like broom holding socialists. As the zoo keeper who used to beat him in Borneo was one.”

Reportedly then the two men were enraged by Dojo’s action and threw stones at the animal. Unknown to them however two CCTV cameras were catching them nearby. When reached out, Arvind Kejriwal called the tapes leaked out to the media an “flagrant and disgusting fabrication” and termed the allegations a ” corporate political conspiracy”.

“The real question is, what is a foreign ape doing in Delhi? These sources should be investigated,” Shazia Ilmi told this journalist, calling AAP “transparent” and saying “We wear our behavior on our sleeve. We have nothing to hide. After all we all descended from apes. But the real question to the enemies of the Aam Aadmi is – what is a foreign ape from Borneo doing in Delhi?”