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AAP accuses Modi of playing 'Candy Crush Saga' at work

09, Mar 2014 By HariHaravelan

Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party has come up with another allegation against the BJP’s Prime Minister candidate Narendra Modi at the press meet held in Delhi today.

One of the party leaders Ashutosh told media, he got an Image from the close sources which shows Modi was playing “Candy Crush Saga” in his Smartphone during working hours.

Modi Mobile
The alleged picture of Modi playing ‘Candy Crush Saga’ at office

The party leader has also released the image depicting the controversial leader playing with his smart phone and Ashutosh tells the media the image was captured at Gujarat CM’s office.

Modi was busy playing the very game even when their party leader Arvind Kejriwal is trying to get an appointment with the Gujarat statesman, Ashutosh further alleged.

Chai bechnewale ke paas Smart Phone kahan se aaya?the leader fiercely asked,

AAP also demands Modi’s resignation for playing game at work.

This Comes as another blow to the polarizing leader who allegedly caught playing the puzzle game during working hours. The picture went viral on the internet and Twitter war broke out between AAP and BJP Supporters.

BJP says the picture is doctored while Congress slams Modi and says “By noticing the way he is holding the phone in the picture clearly shows he is no savvy playing games”

“Our Rahul Gandhi can play much better than this man, Rahul is unbeatable at any game and this proves Rahul Gandhi can make better Prime Minister than Modi” the Congress spokesperson claims.

A JDU leader told worriedly to the media in anonymity, “Modi has ignored my Candy Crush Saga life requests even when JDU was part of their alliance, having this “Heartless” man as Prime Minister will be disastrous to the county”.