Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Aam Aadmi Party to change its name to Candy Men Party

28, Jun 2014 By drprabhash

In view of rising interest of public in Candy crush saga, AAP has decided to change its name to “Candy Men Party”, Sources said. Although no AAP chief member has confirmed the news, they haven’t denied it too.

“See, there are a lot of people who play candy crush and nobody is accepting their request, In fact right wingy anti candy crush people have started abusing people playing candy crush openly. We want to protect the social rights of Candy Crush lovers. Party has decided to accept all such candy crush requests through our newly created Facebook accounts,” an AAP supporter with close contacts to Bharti said.

Another AAP supporter with close contacts has revealed, “We have also suggested to change the party symbol to lollipop, although few people are opposing for its close resemblance to RaGa.”

“AAP has no ground issues, they are just going with public sentiments. Even the people playing Candy Crush would get bored soon. This party has no future, ” a senior BJP leader said.

We don’t know what lies in future but with this new tactics AAP party has certainly gain its strength after a humiliating defeat in April-May election. A sudden rise in donation was seen last evening after the news broke in. Official announcement of change in name is expected just before the budget session.