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Aam Aadmi Party goes international; Obama worried

13, Dec 2013 By 0rkut

After a dream debut in assembly elections of Delhi in 2013, and after deciding to contest Lok Sabha elections of 2014, Aam Aadmi Party, the most famous start up in India lately has decided to go international.

A source said, AAP is now planning to field Arvind Kejriwal as a US presidential candidate in the elections that are scheduled to take place in the year 2016. He further continued that the party would start accepting donations for those elections after the Lok Sabha elections.

When asked who were they targeting for donations, he replied Indian as well as the American citizens. Our correspondent asked the source that why should Indians fund for the US presidential elections. The source said, “Arvind Kejriwal ji was planning to take 1000 volunteers along with him so that they could campaign for him in the United States”.

The sourced continued, “There are 50 states in America, so 20 volunteers per state could do the job since there was a lot of time left in the elections. The donations by Indians would help them fly to the United States of America and also help in living the volunteers a normal life there since volunteers would work for free.”

Needless to mention that the Aam Aadmi Party had a dream debut in assembly elections of Delhi where it had bagged 28 seats, a lot more than their own imagination. After a hung assembly in Delhi, AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal had given a thought to a suggestion that the post of Chief Minister of Delhi is not meant for him, so he planned to field candidates of AAP in Lok Sabha elections. Per some news, Kumar Vishwas, a poet, his friend and a core leader of AAP was planning to challenge Rahul Gandhi in polls. Arvind Kejriwal was convinced that he would take on Prime Ministerial candidates of BJP, as well as that of Congress from wherever they choose to contest.

The source said, “Shri Kejriwal ji plans to give a hung house in Lok Sabha elections as well. His party then plans for fresh re-elections. He was sure that by the time India would resolve government dilemma at the center, the time would have come to campaign for the US presidential elections. In the US, his party would be named ‘Seculars’ unlike the Democrats and Republics at present.”

He further told our correspondent that his aim was not only to give a clean politics in America which Democrats and Republics have failed to give since time immemorable and is only possible by Lokapal, but also give some relief to specific countries so that he could justify the name of his party. He plans to pass Lokpal in an open meet at the Statue of Liberty. In case of a hung house in America as well, AAP convener would try contesting elections in some other country too.

Another enthusiastic volunteer who was supposedly present with Kejriwal at the time of this meeting said, “Arvind Sir has asked us to collect donations for three elections, one for re-elections in Delhi, another for Lok Sabha elections and finally for presidential elections in America. We’re told to give certificate of corruption to everyone who denies to give donations.” People present with him said, in the 50 states of America, we will make a chain of volunteers starting from 20 volunteers allotted to each state. We are also planning to change any US law that prohibits Indian from becoming president since it is set up by corrupts.”

The proposed election symbol for United States would be Vacuum Cleaner since many citizens might not know what is a broom. Only time will tell how Arvind Kejriwal performs in India and in the United States, but he looks least interested in governing and more interested in hanging. Not only assembly houses, he is believed to have backed off  his job, movement and even hunger strike. But his volunteers have firm faith in him – Inferior posts are just not meant for Arvind Sir, they say.