Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Aam Aadmi Party dharna to support DLF housewife welfare association

16, Oct 2014 By Fakerazzi

Moved by the plight of housewives of Key Management personnel of DLF limited, Aam aadmi party (AAP) has decided to sit on protest near Sushant Lok park in Gurgaon. They are strongly against the discrimination being meted out to the hapless housewives by all concerned. In line with Mr Kejriwal’s strategy when he only fought against Narendra modi even while professing enmity with every one, AAP has decided to protest against SEBI only. They think that K P Singh, KMPs etc are not worth their protests.

National commission of women and many other women fighters have also decided to join them. Notable among them are Ms Dutt, Mrs Azmi, Mrs Setalvad, Ms Roy and so on. They are protesting against the insinuation by SEBI that housewives cannot have their own sources of income. They are attributing it to male bias in the SEBI setup.  Their lawyer Mr Jethmalani has put forth the argument that Every penny saved in Flipkart and other sale makes resulted in such big bank account. SEBI folks accused of not understanding women psyche and saving habits.

A former CM Mr Kumar has also lent them their voice. He sees a bigger conspiracy in SEBI taking such decisions under manuwadi forces. As per him, secular companies must be protected against the jihadist bizmen. As noted down, DLF was doing women empowerment by going far and above mandatory 33% reservation for women. They allotted them 37% and that too to family oriented female thus protecting the secular families of India from radical mindsets. Manuwadi forces could not tolerate this and thus this ban. As and when Mr RG wakes up from his spanish slumber, he is also expected to issue an statement via new spokesperson of Congress party against the discrimination against women and youth.

Mr Desai, of Madisan garden fame, has also come against the conspiracy hatched by Gujrati realtors to discredit an old monk lover honest businessman through baseless charges. Reliable sources told us that madison garden scenes was recreated at Sushant Lok 3 park also. A SEBI supporter dhoti-dhari retiree gujju in loose kurta was seen doing some unmentionable thing. We are awaiting for the video evidences to be uploaded on YouTube, but we strongly condemn the said hooligan if he did anything to mar the bonhomie created by Mr Desai. Hooda government is expected to charge this gujju under NSA act.