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Aadhar will be mandatory to breathe in Republic of India

05, Mar 2017 By rofl gujju

New Delhi: Before Govt made aadhar mandatory for mid day meal, we posted story about Aadhar card mandatory to buy vegetables from the market. Now as per the Faking news sources in Lyutens circle, we came to know that soon govt going to make Aadhar card mandatory to breath in India.

As per FN political analyst, Govt is going to take this step under the pressure of their Hindutva based parents organization which ideology is depended upon- One nation, One card. We tried to contact Minister of Environment and some senior officer of the Environment ministry but no one said any word on camera. But one senior officer ready to give us answer off the camera:

Gaydhaar Card: Cow's Aadhar Card
Gaydhaar Card: Cow’s Aadhar Card

Q form FN: As per law Govt can make mandatory Aadhar only to avail subsidy benefit. How can Govt make it mandatory for Breating?

Answer from Senior Officer: Look, we all breath the Air in the Republic of India. Govt invests billions of rupee in solar, waste recycle etc. to keep air clean. So, explicitly it’s a subsidy man.

After this Short Q & A session, our team had to hospitalized our reporter who did take off the record interview. After that, our team try to get comment of the party leader on this move.

Q form FN: Sir, how can Aadhar mandatory to take breath?

Answer form Party Leader: If you don’t want to issue Aadhar, take a train to Paksitan.

Q. form FN: Sir, Railways already made Aadhar mandatory to issue tickets?

(Party leader became speechless and we returned without interview)