Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

A Maafinama from Arvind Kejriwal on the Farmer’s Suicide

25, Apr 2015 By Golden Tooth

Making a mistake and then apologizing is an art of which Kejriwal is a Mozart. In the past whether it has been taking support from congress or resigning from CM post for his mission PM or if it is meeting with muslim clerics to woo Muslim voters, Kejriwal apologized every time like an Aam Admi. No matter how big the mistake is, a simple terse apology  “galti ho gayi ji” transmute him into his pristine Ultra Honest Avatar.  But unlike an Aam admi no punishment is there for him for his mistakes.

Recently in the farmer rally at his Poltical janambhoomi (Jantar Mantar that is), he showed the tunnel vision he has kept on PM post that he couldn’t see a Farmer attempting to commit suicide, while he was giving his speech.

If a staunch AAP supporter is to be believed “ Arvindji  was so numbed by the pain of the other farmers that he couldn’t see that a Farmer was committing suicide.”

itna paisa lag gaya tha rally pe, and you know  Arvindji doesn’t like wasting janta ka paisa” said another staunch AAP supporter

When the whole thing seem to have boomeranged on AAP, Kejriwal came up with his last weapon, an apology. A press conference was organized at his posh yet modest bungalow, and the veteran apology maker came up with an extended apology this time:

“-Firstly, I apologize to Manish Sisodia for not being a good host to his invitee.

I can imagine how depressed the farmer would have been, that AAP worker he wrote wrong spelling of his name on the suicide letter.

– I apologize if any AAP volunteers helped the farmer climb the tree or clapped supporting him.

-I apologize that I mistook the farmer for an amateur Bungee Jumper. The month of April deceived me.

-I apologize that even the magical AAP “Jhadoo” that the Businessman farmer was brandishing, did nothing for the diseased farmer.

-I apologize to the many media persons, whom I deprived of capturing another peepli live.

-I apologize to the people of Delhi that I have to sacrifice 50% of the promises made during the Delhi elections, to spare time for my  MISSION-PM 2019 .

-In the end my heartfelt apology to  the several AAP voters and supporters who are having tough time both in real life and on social media defending my conduct. My message to them is,  Just hang on, people will forget this after few days, like always“

Meanwhile, somewhere in Vidharba, a  farmer and his family of 5 committed suicide by hanging from a mango tree. No politician visited their funeral.  Nobody apologized. Neither  the PM wrote anything, Nor the media covered it. The social media didn’t find that sentimental enough. Perhaps, they hung on a wrong tree or they took birth in a wrong place with a wrong profession, farmer’s that is.