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A five star chaiwalla brokered the deal between AAP and Congress

31, Dec 2013 By sansaar

In the light of the recent allegations passed by Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP) were able to locate the exact leading businessman who was responsible for the deal between Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) and Indian National Congress(INC).

This event happened when Mr. Kerjiwal and his team halted for a “chai ki chuski” (a cup of tea) at the hotel named as 5 STAR “HOTAL” which is run by Mr. Bajri. A Congress member was also present there. As he explained his ordeal to Mr. Kejriwal about how he spent all his money on contesting elections and lost. He held Mr. Kejriwal responsible for his loss of investment and demanded a payback.

After getting the famous “Baba ji ka Thullu” from Mr. Kejriwal he looked helpless. Mr Bajri came to the rescue and offered him samosa with chutney to both of them. After tasting the samosa all of them agreed to have this snack at Assembly and  thus coming together for a cause. A helper who was witnessing this deal went straight to Mr. Gadkari to report it to him.

The story of Mr. Bajri, who hails from UP, also goes from being rags to riches in just one year when he came to Delhi for freebees distributed in Rahul Gandhi’s rally. Failing to collect hardly any and disappointed, he worded at a nearby tea stall for some time in anticipation. Since he was supporting the congressmen from the outside the question of how he became the owner of the shop should not be asked.

How exactly is the businessman was leading was explained by Mr. Subramaniam Swami of BJP. “If you see the growth of his business from Last year, there is 300% increase in sales and 3000% increase in capitals. hence what Mr. Gadkari said is absolute truth.” said Mr. Swami. Congress, as usual, refuted the claim and said “Mr Rahul Baba has inspired this man just like others and not like Nirmal Baba inspires people” thus stating the basic difference between them.

The BJP is now all set to launch the attack on Mr Kejriwal in the assembly of Delhi in coming days, while AAP and Congress are ready to face the opposition with samosas in their mouth. “Kuch teekha ho jaaye”.