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A day after Lok Sabha last day, Rahul Gandhi reaches parliament to attend its session

23, Feb 2014 By Gaurav Mittal

New Delhi. In a surprising move, Rahul Gandhi went to Parliament today in the morning to attend Lok Sabha session. Apparently he was not aware that the last session of 15th Lok Sabha concluded yesterday with politicians from each party behaving as good boys for the first time.

Rahul Gandhi
Waving to his fans outside Parliament

At around 10 AM, Rahul Gandhi was spotted by some journalists entering Parliament. He went inside Lok Sabha but came back outside after 5 minutes. He was looking clueless and unhappy.

As soon as he came out, he was flocked by media. On being asked as to what he is doing there?  he said, ” I came here to attend the Lok Sabha session and to debate on various important issues our country is facing but I am deeply pained and disappointed to see that no one is present here. There are so many important bills pending. I came here leaving my election campaign in between but it seems the opposition is not at all concerned about corruption . How can we imagine to remove corruption unless we pass bills in Parliament?”

He further added, ” I am always targeted by my rivals that I do not speak in Parliament. Today when I am here to discuss they are no where to be seen. I believe in doing rather than just talking.”

He was reminded by a journalist that the current Lok Sabha is over and the last working day happened yesterday. Reacting to this Rahul Gandhi said,  “We have to use RTI to find out why yesterday was the last day of Lok Sabha? I was not informed by anyone”.

Another journalist ask him as to what will be his next step, the congress vice president said, “We have to change the system. We have to empower women. We have to bring youth of this country into politics”.

Before leaving he also mentioned that he will ask his mom to ask government to pass pending bills through ordinance route.