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A Certain section of media responsible for my ‘constipation’ and ‘twist and turns’: General V.K Singh

25, Mar 2015 By yogendra

New Delhi: General V. K. Singh held press conferences on the row over his ‘online English learning sessions’ tweets in which he made a ‘certain’ section of media responsible for ‘twisting and turning’ of the meanings of his posted tweets.

Earlier, as we all know, that general did tweet two different tweets explaining the dictionary meanings of one vital activity and one disease relating to this activity of human kind. The first one was #Hunger and other one was #Constipation. In #Hunger, he explained the meaning as, “the intense urge to eat big tandoori murga in parties that can sicken very next day” and in #Constipation he explained the meaning as, “The force that binds oneself with the seat and creates a lot of twist and turns”.

one full tandoori murg with strong kashmiri spicy kachoombar

He, in the press conference, categorically rejected that these words has anything relating to Pakistan Diwas party in which he had a big tandoori murg and then very next day got late for his office due to twist and turns on the ‘Indian style seat’.

He said that when he was coming out from Pakistan Dwas party after eating one full tandoori murg with strong Kashmiri spicy kachoomar (see the picture) lots of media people were waiting outside. Due to that he had to eat the other full tandoori murg which he was carrying in a carry bag.

Though, he didn’t make it clear why he was afraid of being spotted by media when it is a part of protocol to eat one and carry one in bag. He admitted that he had a lot of ‘twist and turns’ due to constipation next day but he held a ‘certain’ section of media responsible for these twist and turns which made him eat two tandoori murg back to back.

But again he made it very clear that what he tweeted is just a part of his ‘online English learning class’ and has nothing to do with the Pakistan diwas party. He said such rumors could spoil his online English learning classes by which Modi ji improving his English and foreign policies simultaneously.

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