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A Buffalo's sudden death attributed to Vyapam Scam in MP

07, Jul 2015 By Akash

Bhopal: If sources like MDTV and India’s Express are to be believed then Vyapam Scam is not only deadly for humans but for animals, too. Recently, according to a news break on MDTV titled, “Now Buffalo Dead in MP. Is it Another Vyapam Death?”

Bhairon Chand, a farmer in a village in Bhopal has found his high milk yielding buffalo died, early this morning. It’s been confirmed by Bhairon Chand that she was doing fine till last night and there were no signs of fever or ill health. This unexpected death of buffalo in Madhya Pradesh pricked up the ears of a reporter, Darkha Butt of MDTV who happened to be investigating Vyapam scam near by.

“Her cousin resides in Madhya Pradesh. Now she is worried. And that makes me worried!”: Azam Khan

Bhairon said to Darkha in an interview, “Madam ji, she was all fine and yielded 16 litres of milk last night and in the morning I found her dead. Like that Patrakar of Aaj Tak who was fine and then died all of a sudden.”  Darkha described this a clear case of suspicion and asked Mr. Chouhan to respond to this death too.

She also said that dots of buffalo death can be connected to Vyapam because a few days before this death, her milk was given to the Sarpanch at free of cost and this Sarpanch has links with a BJP MLA. Following this, the story was also reported in India’s Express. 

This foray of Vyapam Scam into animal killing (according to media) has added pressure on Shivraj Singh Chouhan. To soothe this noise down a little MP government has announced a compensation of free milk to Bhairon’s family for next three years. Also, the government has cleared in press conference,” This all going on over a Buffalo’s Death is non sense. It can’t be linked to this scam. Opposition is playing bad politics and not even sparing poor animals for their mischievous  goals.”

Also, usage of word “Non-Sense” for buffalo has fumed Azam Khan and he has demanded an apology not only from Chauhan but also from PM Modi.

Talking to Faking News Azam Khan said, “BJP Govt’s indifference towards buffaloes can easily be noticed now by their language. They call a poor buffalo’s death a non sense! They should learn form SP when we deployed our whole police force to search few lost buffaloes. Look, how much we care for them. I demand an apology from Shivraj Singh Chauhan and obviously from PM Modi, for this.”