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65 MPs write to Barack Obama : The real story

23, Jul 2013 By Anoop Chathoth

In what has been widely reported in the media today 65 MPs have written to Barack Obama for not to give visa to Narendra Modi. While there has been widespread outrage on social media against this act it seems the issue was not what most people thought it was.

On conditions of anonymity one of the MPs told Fakingnews that it was actually their love for Modi and not hate that prompted them to go for this move. Almost all of these MP’s are from the ruling UPA. He mentioned that the idea of not letting Modi get a visa was that they couldn’t bear to see Modi leave this country even for a day. Without Modi the country would be like a country without a voice because the only other leader left was the PM who wouldn’t speak.

Here is what they wrote:

Dear Obama,

Your country has already taken a lot of our brain power and still doing it by granting visa to so many IIT graduates. While we silently watched this happening for years and still do, we just couldn’t  sit silently when we came to know Narendra Modi may apply for one too. While Brain Drain is OK Naren Drain is something we can’t let happen even if it is only for a few days.

Your country already has a good orator and administrator in you. Surely you don’t want competition. So on behalf of 65 of us please accept our humble request and don’t grant him a visa.


Special 65

This should put an end to the long pending speculation as to why the Obama administration is not granting Modi a US Visa