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50 % discount on Corruption after Lokpal Bill

20, Dec 2013 By Prasad NP

Delhi/Ralegan Siddhi: As the parliament passed the long pending Lokpal bill a wave of jubilation has spread in Anna Hazare’s supporters. Anna himself mentioned that he is satisfied with the bill and this should lead to 40-50% reduction in graft and corruption.

Following the passing of the bill Anna broke his fast and accepted some orange juice.  But not everybody is satisfied with the bill, in his typical question asking style former Anna protege Arvind Kejriwal has asked 18 questions about the 50% reduction in the corruption claim.

Anna's reaction to the news.
Anna’s reaction to the news.

Common man on the street is also debating how the 50 % reduction in corruption will come into effect. Here are some of the questions that our readers have sent to us

  • 50% less corruption means that we have to pay only half the bribe now? E.g if the rate of jumping red light earlier was 100 Rs do we now have to pay only 50 or we are allowed to go once free and pay only next time?
  • Sarkari Babu union has called an urgent meeting and proposed that to respect the Lokpal bill henceforth they will accept bribes only before lunch, all work done after lunch will be bribe free.
  • But a rival union of Babus has proposed that we can have Mondays and Tuesdays as bribe free while Thursdays and Fridays bribes will be accepted. No decision has been taken on Wednesday.
  • A representative of fake drug manufacturer has said that now they will only make 50% fake drugs, rest 50 % will be real medicine.
  • Henceforth the scams will be only for 5000 crore each instead of 10000 crore or there will be any other means to reduce scams?

We talked with some top politicians and took their opinion about the same.

Mr. Karunanidhi showed his happiness on the bill and said ” I welcome the Lokpal bill, it is very easy for us to follow the same. As I have 2 sons I can ask one of them to become a saint while the other can continue to do what he was doing. ”  Mr. Karunanidhi also mentioned that a family meeting of his sons, nephews the Marans and his daughter has been called to decide who will become corruption free.  His daughter has threatened to leave politics if she is asked to become corruption free.

The Yadav stalwarts from UP and Bihar were also very satisfied they were very clear and said ” for us it is very easy to follow the 50 % corruption free rule. See as we are in power for 5 years and in opposition for 5 years, so we will indulge in corruption only during the years in power and not take a single paisa or fodder as bribe when out of power”, said both the Yadavs chieftains.

Rahul Baba also gave his thoughts about the same. He said in a rally in which only hired audience who have been bribed to attend were present.

” I totally support and respect Anna jees point that Lokpal bill will lead to 50% reduction in corruption. Our family is already following the same, as I am totally against corruption and any corruption in our family is handled by my Jijju who is a private citizen, so congress party is already following the 50% less corruption principle”

A BJP spokesman mentioned that the whole nation is experiencing the NaMo wave and this wave will remove corruption from public office while the neta log will be free to snoop on the women of their choice in personal life. You see public life corruption free personal life nobody’s business hence 50% less corruption.

Last heard Anna jee  is wondering whether he should go on a hunger strike once again. But he is thinking of going on hunger strike on 50 % of time, i.e. he will skip breakfast but have dinner .