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5 reasons why Rahul is better than Modi

23, Apr 2014 By marupelkar

After reading several articles of “5 reasons why ABC is better than XYZ”, I decided to write an article for my personal hero. Below listed are 5 points which will convince any reasonable guy to swing his vote towards congress.

  1. He has an awesome name No, I am not talking about his last name. ‘Rahul’ is a name we already love with different last names (Dravid, Bajaj, and for some, Bose too). It also has its own wikipedia page ( It is more contemporary than the old-ish ‘Narendra’ and is easy to remember for kids in primary school. Especially because almost every class in north India has a guy named ‘Rahul’. This is a huge plus to his popularity among kids, who have problems, experience and innocence similar to him.

    Rahul Gandhi
    The eternal Shahzada

  2. He has cute dimples Good looks and charm is the key to a successful democracy, diplomacy and governance (ex: Raghuram Rajan). Rahul has both while Narendra Modi hides his aged cheek bones under a cover of white beard which signals ‘surrender’ even before he speaks. In contrast, Rahul can convince anyone with just a smile. We will have our own Bill Clinton and girls in west will share his pics as the ‘Cute Indian PM’. A direct increase in India’s soft power.
  3. Ruling India is in his blood Everybody in India knows that we follow a dynasty rule. Last few decades our ‘Queen-Regent’ has successfully saved the throne for our charismatic young prince and it’s now our great fortune that the rightful king will be placed on the throne. He has more experience of ruling people than Modi simply because he has inherited it. If you don’t get this logic, I would suggest you do not read the remaining post.
  4. He is Funny Rahul Gandhi has been a source of inspiration and employment for many comedians and youtube video compilers. Many experts believe that he has out-performed Digvijay singh in this field. He has given us many hilarious moments and amazing stuff to share on facebook whereas Modi has given us nothing but serious politics. Where is the fun part eh? Disclaimer : I regard all “ab ki bar Modi Sarkar” jokes as immature and lame and hence they have been excluded from this rational argument.
  5. His shirts are whiter than Modi’s beard According to a recent study conducted by ‘Ujala labs’, Rahul Gandhi’s shirts have been found twice to thrice more white than Modi’s beard. ‘Happy dent’ has also approached his shirts for brand endorsement. His shirts can enlighten even the dumbest of minds and thus give him the leading edge over Modi. Now you might be thinking that this point contradicts a sub point in my point no 2 but, as coal-gate doesn’t contradict 2G-Gate and 2002 doesn’t contradict 1984, my point no 5 doesn’t contradict point no 2. This is infallible logic but idiot minds will not understand it (which is about 90% of Indians).