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5 criterion set by Govt to find if you are rich enough for exemption from Food Security Bill benefits

31, Aug 2013 By Mahesh Jagga

New Delhi. Government has revised the poverty threshold levels for identification of households which will be beneficiaries of Food Security Bill (FSB), Chief Minister announced today. Importantly, to make the scheme universal, the identification schema has been reversed to identify those who are not eligible for the scheme.

The new scheme stipulates five different criterion for any household to qualify as a Above Poverty Line (APL) household and thus not be eligible to get cheap food grains under FSB. The household needs to qualify all the criterion, CM clarified.

Food Security Bill
What this bill actually means for Congress.

The change was necessitated due to Delhi Government’s inability to find sufficient beneficiaries for FSB in line with the 70% coverage target given by Union government. Against this Delhi could only find only 72 lacs or 42% of beneficiaries from a population of 1.68 crore after considering all the BPL families, Above Poverty Line (APL) card holders, Jhughi Ration Card (JRC) holders and other beneficiaries under Antodaya Anna Yojna.

Union Food Minister had expressed his displeasure about insufficiency of poor in Delhi. “How can there be so few poor when we had our government at center for nine years and state government at state for fifteen years,” he is claimed to have said.

“It is the dream of our leadership that one day whole country becomes eligible for FSB and gets benefited,” he added

Announcing the changes, Delhi Chief Minister clarified, “We had a tough job but with the inspiration of our young leadership, we managed it successfully.”

The new criterion for exclusion of households from FSB are

a)      Those owning more smart phones than the number of members of household.

b)      Those owning more than three cars per household (hatchback are not to be considered)

c)       Those with per capita daily income of $33 per day. (CM clarified that the original recommendations have been followed but keeping the federal structure of India, the currency has been changed)

d)      Those who own a house measuring more than 2000 sq. ft. carpet area.

e)      Robert Vadra (If he does not have to feed the SPG from his pocket)

The Chief Minister reiterated the oath taken by leadership, “No one should sleep hungry, even if one was waiting for a torrent download.”