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21 things you missed in the swearing in ceremony telecast

27, May 2014 By iyerman

21 things you missed in the swearing in ceremony telecast:

1. L.K. Advani shedding tears (of joy, ofcourse) and Manmohan Singh consoling him saying “Theek hai, Theek hai” 2. Amit Shah grabbing Uddhav thakre from punching Nawaz Sharif 3. Rajnath Singh dancing 4. Sushma Swaraj avoiding eye contact with Advani 5. Salman Khan not smelling of alcohol 6. Gavaskar boring the person next to him with speech about integrity and honesty 7. Rahul Gandhi reading tinkle 8. Ram Vilas Paswan spitting pan on to JDU member’s pocket 9. Prison break S4 teaser, featuring Arvind Kejiriwal 10. Rajakapse letting out a Ravanous laughter 11. Amma removing the  Vivek Oberoi face mask that she was wearing 11. Danny Morrison live commentary for DD Bharathi viewers 12. RajiniKanth. Yes, he was there! 13. Dharmendra yelling, ‘In kutton ke saamne math nachna’ and Hema Malini taking her seat 14. Ravi Shankar Prasad asking for the Prime Minister’s resignation and being shushed by Praveen Thogadia 15. Pranoy Roy snubbing Sonia G 16. Jack Bauer saving the new Prime Minister from Drone strike by terrorists 17. Smriti Irani showing her tongue to Rahul Gandhi after swearing in 18. Victory lap by the <75 year old "young ministers" 19. Election Commissioners in shorts and printed shirts reading “Off to Vegas” 20. Sharukh Khan doing summersaults. 21. Narendra Modi transforming the nation.