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2019: RBJ Party set to form the new Govt in Center

08, Nov 2014 By sundarmas

Lalu, Nitish, MSY, Gowda and few from CPI & M also joined hands to form new alternate party called Rejected By Janata(RBJ) party. Everyone knows how badly they lost in 2014 election.

Lalu and Nitish
RBJ torchbearers

Agency report says that the name of the party was coined by some BJP worker but the parties accepted that this very well shows the state of affairs of all the parties in the alliance!!

When contacted why the sudden move to form RBJ, “We have lost the election in 2014 very badly due to our bad alliances and the polarisation of votes by Modi. But we have not lost our interest to serve the nation! As a first step we will show what a strong opposition can do by claiming the LOP! This will ensure many people cribbing around loudly we did nothing except amassing our individual wealth. Sure we will form the next govt in center.”

FakingNews reports that first RBJ is going to nominate Leader of Opposition in the Parliament. When asked them “Are you going to serve the people only in opposition as the track record for the parties talk too much about their performance when they were in power”, the swift reply came from Laluji “Janta hum ko reject kareto kya, humko chup karaneki duniya me koyi thakath nahi.”(People rejected us, so what, nobody can silence us)

When asked as to who will be the LOP, a senior person from the party told us that the position is on rotation basis. Even though there was a bull fight going on for LOP they all agreed to select a strong leader by way of draw! The lucky person will serve the nation for one month as LOP. So they tied up with a lotto company to make the draw as the number of contenders is nearly matching to the members of the respective parties. Many are performing special poojas so as to be selected by the machine. So very few are available for comments.

But Nitish was saying that “hame apposisun leeder banneki koyi josh naahi hai, paranthu hame poora vishwas hai latto machin sirf hamkohi chunegi”(I don’t have any passion to become LOP, but I have full confidence on the Lotto machine, it will choose me only.)

Gowda was saying this is good for the poor and poorest in the country. MSY was busy in handling the machine, nobody was sure about his intention.

On enquiring why he didn’t join RBJ party and become LOP, Kejriwal was saying that hume PM ya CM ya koi LOP kisibhi position nahi chahiya, (I don’t want PM/ CM/LOP or any position) as I am suffering from election fever in Delhi kindly grand me two days… sorry two months… again sorry grand me leave till election in Delhi is over. I am sure we will be defeated but if at all we are elected I will resign on 51st day to ensure running the govt for 50+ days.

Rahul was not in a mood to talk as he was thinking people making mockery of congress party by making RBJ! He refused to comment anything! But Dick-Looser-Sink was of the view that looking at the current scenario the country should not allow more than one party to be named as RBJ.