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10 reasons why Modi was selected as most powerful politician

19, Apr 2014 By sandip99

The Timeless magazine has chosen Mr Narendra Modi as the most powerful politician in the world today. The editorial board gave the following reasons which they said made their choice very easy (the board’s comments are given in italics):

1. Created a wave by making his opponents frequently repeat “there’s no Modi wave” (it has even been reported that Modi is planning to produce electricity from this wave) 2. Without applying for a visa, made USA repeat every 2 months “Modi can apply for visa like anyone and wait for result” (it’s as if the US was saying, “hey dude, why don’t you come over for a cup of coffee?”) 3. Forced Harischandra Kejriwal to admit off-air “Modi ki hawa to hai” (even Adobe couldn’t force Kejriwalji to update his flash player) 4. Made all his opponents sincerely concerned about his wife and her lost chance to live in 7, Racecourse Road, New Delhi 5. Made all his supporters paid by Ambani and Adani 6. Forced Congress party to highlight his chaiwallah history and boosted tea production and consumption in India 7. Convinced Harischandra Kejriwalji that he has more control on AAP followers than Kejriwalji himself, as evidenced by Kejriwalji crying after each slap/ink throw by AAP supporters “Modiji made him slap/ink-throw me” 8. Forced Rahulji to learn geography (Gujarat is bigger than UK), physics (escape velocity of Jupiter), politics (politics is in your pants and shirts) (Rahul’s mummy has reportedly expressed sincere gratitude to Modi for achieving the non-achievable) 9. Created support in the Congress party for Advani, Jaswant Singh and MM Joshi which the trio couldn’t even dream of 10. But most importantly, made Harischandra Kejriwalji have a Ganga-snaan (even Kejriwalji’s mummy couldn’t make him do it)