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10 reasons why Kejriwal agreed to furnish bail bond

27, May 2014 By batman

Everyone will now point fingers on our beloved yugpurush Kejriwal and troll him. I am simply here to help you understand why he furnished the bond. There are some inevitable reasons and circumstances that he faced and hence he compromised on his ethics. Following are the reasons:

  1. Kejriwal faced the menance of mosquitos in jail.
  2. Kejriwal couldn’t survive the delhi heat.
  3. Yogendra yadav was lying all over the floor area and so he simply did not have space to sleep in jail.
  4. His health worsened as he stopped coughing in jail!!!
  5. Kejriwal wants to do a dharna against HC because even they are agents of ambani and adani.
  6. Kejriwal didn’t want to miss IPL pay-offs and finals.
  7. Kejriwal could not stand missing any more episodes of “balika vadhu” and “sasural simar ka”.
  8. Kejriwal forgot to take his muffler to jail.
  9. Kejriwal could not check his FB from jail 🙁
  10. It was time for Kejriwal to pay rent of his government bungalow which he was allotted as a CM and is yet to vacate it.
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