Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

10 reactions to the massive crowd gathering in Kejriwal’s Varanasi road show

12, May 2014 By myindia
  1. Narendra Modi: Bhaiyo aur Behno, All these people are being fooled by a Pakistani agent. I have advised Amit to snoop and report. #NaMo4PM
  1. Rahul Kanwal: Crowd is being brought from Pakistan to take part in Arvind Kejriwal’s road show. I spoke to people at BJP office and they said they will vote for Modi
  2. Rahul Kanwal (Again): Our survey shows 25% votes for Kejriwal, 69% Votes for Modi and 17% for others.
  3. Swamy: My sources tell me Kejriwal is planning an Egypt like revolution in Varanasi.
  4. Regular Modi fan: AAPtards, Commies, PAK-CIA agents, Kujliwal. #NaMo4PM
  5. Regular AAP fan: (While adjusting his AAP cap). Yeh aam aadmi ki jeet hain. We are living a revolution. #AAPWave
  6. Regular Congress fan: Sorry, doesn’t exist this Election season. Try once RaGa is fired.
  7. Ravi Shankar Prasad: Arvind Kejriwal should resign for mobilizing huge crowds in Varanasi.
  8. Murli Manohar Joshi (Texts Rajnath Ji): Rajnath Ji, I told you about wave.
  9. TV Channels: Normal crowd in Keriwal’s road show. Looks like Varanasi has already decided their vote. #Ask(Our editor)
  10. BCCI: Why aren’t they banning these road shows already? Nobody’s giving a fuck about IPL.