Thursday, 26th April, 2018

"1 FB like = 1 vote if we come to power," says NaMo

25, Jul 2013 By Rahul Modi

After seeing enormous social media response to any post with Modi in it, BJP has decided to change the constitution. Once BJP comes to power, 1 like in FB for Modi will be considered as 1 vote for the BJP.

Buoyed by this announcement, the netizens have welcomed the judgement. One person said, “Thanks God, for the first time, a Government has considered us Netizens also as citizens.”

After this announcement Mr. Modi and his team in BJP campaign committee have started strategizing to garner social media vote.

Our Reporter who was expecting an all out War from Congress was totally disappointed by the response from the Congress spokesman who requested anonymity, “It is difficult to fight a social media war with these communalists. They seem to be mushrooming everywhere in the web. So we have decided to buy out Facebook and similar sites. You know money isn’t a problem for us.”