Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Zoo side gate irks girl students

27, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What is not acceptable cannot be correct in any way? This is clear from the girls’ objection to the prevailing pain in the neck. The open passageway is all that leads to the scary experience. This feel made the Harcourt Butler Technical University’s girl students strongly raise objections over eve-teasing incidents in and around the campus owing to this problem. The gate opening towards the zoo side is certainly the main cause behind this problematical matter.

This unpleasant point is worth mentioning here for the sake of continuing eve-teasing. The brave girls are themselves shocked merely at the careless attitude of the authorities concerned. If the gateway was not there the problem would not have existed for the panicked girls. The street lights on the road remain insufficient and this anomaly was also unacceptable to them. On the whole, the girls were finding themselves slightly helpless and powerless. What also disturbs the keen girls immensely is their basic weakness in coming out of the dilemma. They some way think of their poor position at risk because of the eve-teasing. They are definitely not the zoo creatures for the public view.

If the wild animals have been put into the large zoo precincts for the visitors’ thorough delight with the silly ease, they are surely the social animals. This is what they are endorsing from the very start. This led them to vigorously pull the direct attention of authorities concerned towards the genuine issue with their clever straightforward initiative. They anyhow gained a little success in the tiff to secure them. The second gate opening towards the zoo side easily allows entry of passers-by into the campus. The girl students put on a pedestal their concern with might. Their timely observation caused the University administration to act upon their demands.