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Zee News & India TV get status of News/Bhakti Channel

03, Feb 2015 By punintended

For upholding non sense over sense and spiritualism over rationalism, The Information and Broadcasting Minister of India Mr. Arun Jaitley today declared Zee News and India Tv to be the first News/Bhakti Channels of India.

While talking to reporters of other not so Bhakt channels he emphasized that the aforementioned channels are being rewarded for their continuing loyalty to Namo. Mr. Jaitley further added that Rajat Sharma doing a 45 min long program exposing Kejriwal and Zee News’ expose of Rajdeep and Sagarika made sure that these two channels become the first ever of its kind.

This declaration comes as a major blow to the Aam Aadmi Party and its chief Arvind Kejriwal right before the Delhi Elections. Sources say that if Mr. Kejriwal becomes the next Chief Minister of Delhi, the agenda of his next dharna would be to hand over the Information and Broadcasting Ministry as well along with Delhi Police to him.

Ecstatic about this new development Mr. Rajat Sharma said “Tabeej aur Rudraksh ke paid adds dikhane ke din gaye, Ab to hum har Subah Namo Chalisa dikhayenge“.

He also claimed that the “Modi” titled file, which Kiran Bedi keeps flashing during every Tv Interview was compiled by transcripts of the various reports broadcasted on India Tv during Modi’s Japan, Australia and US visits, which was handed over to Ms. Bedi on direct instructions of Mr. Amit Shah.

The Namo Bhakts are extremely jubilant about this decision as they will get their daily dose of Bhakti without having to change channels. The former Information and Broadcasting Minister Mr. Manish Tewari when contacted for his reaction demanded “if these news channels could show Namo Chalisa, why cant they show Chota Bheem during the News Breaks? These would create special interest amongst kids for News, specially Rahul Baba”.