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With the invite of British NGOs, NDTV's Sreenivasan Jain debunks 'Asians are criminals' theory

02, Sep 2014 By manithan

London: Indian journalist, Sreenivasan Jain, the man who exposed the Hamas missile, the man who debunked the evil allegations of Hindu nationalists BJP, has come again with a brilliant piece, where he debunks the myth that ‘Asians were responsible for the sexual abuse in United Kingdom’.

British NGOs “We for Peace” and “True NGO” had invited Sreenivasan to debunk the sexual abuse case study, after it blamed the Asian community as the sole perpetrators. The reason for inviting him traces back to his ground shattering thesis wherein he debunked the Love Jihad, an unnecessary allegation being used as weapon by BJP and RSS to stir the communal tension in Uttar Pradesh, a north-western state of India.

sreenivasan jain
Sreenivasan explaining from London hotel, about how the RSS and BJP were launching allegations missiles in Uttar Pradesh. (seen in the background)

And Sreenivasan had debunked the ‘Asians are criminals’ case study with his brilliant mathematical theorems, that parallels the Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujam, who visited UK a century ago. Here is an excerpt from Jain’s article that appeared in Guardian today morning:

“What the official data (from the UK police) does tell us is that London range is UK’s sexual abuse epicentre with 1400 cases registered from 1997-2013, the highest in the country. In 2013, Cambridge also clocked 500 theft, also the highest in UK, and 1119 cases of pickpocket, the second highest in UK.  There is nothing to suggest that Asians are responsible for those 1400(1119+500) cases.

NDTV reviewed police data from signal jumping cases in Edinburgh from January to August this year – so far there have been 37 cases.  Of these in only seven cases the accused are Asians. In all the remaining cases, the accused are the Britishers. Of the total number of accused, 58 are Britishers and 13 are South Asians. Also, most of the Asians(except Hindus and Sikhs) have gone to spread peace in the Middle East by joining ISIS. So this leaves us with only Hindus & Britishers there.

By the application of Liberal flowchart and the Laplace Transformation of the Fourier Series coupling the formula 2+2=4, only Hindu can be an accused, which means only Hindus were involved in all of the abuse cases in the United Kingdom.The facts suggest the real risk to Liverpool people, or indeed Britishers, are not Asian men but Indian Hindus in particular.”

After reading the mathematical and statistical epitome of Jain, people all over the world were so amazed that they even forgot what is (a+b)^2. Mathematical and Statistical associations across the world have decided to award him with the highest award in those two fields.

Scotland Yard has already been in talks with Sreenivasan to recruit him for his excellent detective work that makes Sherlock Holmes looks like a ‘sudoku player’, DreamworksLKG has prepared a script that portrays his life in silver screen similar to the “The Beautiful Mind” movie.

While we tried to contact Sreenivasan, his manager said that ‘he was called to USA to solve the Zodiac case and he is said to be currently busy in that’.