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Will consider revoking the ban if NDTV changes its name to NDATV: NDA Government

07, Nov 2016 By dtrancemaniac

Mumbai. In a move to reach to a sweet spot in the ongoing controversy involving the ban on NDTV by the government, the channel has been asked to rename itself to ‘NDA’TV, as a solution to bring an end to this rift.

NDTV's new logo
NDTV’s new logo

Off late, NDA-led government has been unhappy with NDTV’s news broadcast. Ravish Kumar’s recent episode of Prime-Time involving the mimes added more fuel to the already blazing fire.

Most of the opposition parties are showing their support to this channel. “I have delivered many speeches across the country, hosted many rallies, but what do all news channels show instead? That’s right! Our PM’s rallies, speeches! NDTV has been the most neutral of all. But with this new move of renaming the channel to NDATV reflects the fact that our nation is heading towards dictatorship”, lamented the AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal.

#SolidaritywithNDTV has been trending on Twitter since days. Will this giant ball of fire douse with just a simple change in name? Only time will tell.