Monday, 19th February, 2018

“We were dancing to remove class barriers” – TMC clarifies on vulgar dance party

03, Jan 2013 By Dharmesh Sharma

“Pyor do, Pyor lo, Pyor do… do , Pyor lo, what is wrong with singing this shong? After all ui are fighting for purity in food items. It is all about being Pure.” A visibly infuriated Derek O’brian tried explaining the reporters. “Definitely there is no question Mamta di apologizing for this….. forget this, for anything.” He added adamantly.

When this reporter asked about showering hired dance girls, He promptly defended the action saying; “You people need to get out of this male chauvinistic mentality. What is wrong with giving out some money in charity to the poor performing females? Throwing money proves what?” he went on to answer himself, “It only shows that our leaders are not after money”

“And for Lenin sake, please stop this Maoist propaganda of vulgarity. Our leaders were just making the dancing ladies to feel at bar so that they can be themselves. They in fact removed all the traces of class barrier. That is it! Having said that; I would like to clarify that the party workers who went on to collect the currency notes; would be suitably punished. Those notes were showered only for ladies. We will not tolerate any one encroaching performing female’s rights”

This reporter tried asking, “But sir when entire country is protesting atrocities against women, don’t you think that what your party leaders did was wrong?” snatching the samosa back, Derek said “what is the use of such a protest against atrocity that ends up being an atrocity itself on women? Do you guys have any idea that we have been approached by several items girls and heroines of bollywood complaining that because of this protest this new year they have lost opportunity to make good money. Now they are asking us to take a protest march against this atrocity committed on them.”

Party workers were heard mumbling, “This is Tata sponsored media; that is finding fault with our cultural program.”