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We tried to escape from Tihar to go meet Lalit Modi in London, says Faizan

06, Jul 2015 By Anil Sharma

New Delhi: On Saturday night two prisoners dug a 10-foot tunnel under a wall in the dead of night to escape from Delhi’s Tihar jail, one of the country’s most high security prisons.

One of them, 19-year-old Faizan, was caught as he got stuck in a sewer line that was part of their obstacle course to freedom. His 18-year-old companion Javed, known as an expert at digging through walls, managed to run away.

Lalit Modi Laugh
Lalit Modi reacts after hearing how popular he had become

Both Faizan and Javed were in jail for burglary, say the police.

Faizan later claimed that he and Javed planned the escape together for nothing else but just to meet Lalit Modi in London.

“We were reading news and were fascinated by Mr. Lalit Modi. We thought if everyone in the world has met him in London then why can’t we. Also, meeting Lalit Modi in London seems to be the biggest thing in the universe right now. Is it a crime to think of doing something big? One should not judge us just because we are nothing but two small robbers,” Faizan said with a sigh.

“The only fear we had was that after meeting Lalit Modi, Arnab might call us for a debate on Times Now. Even though we have faced harsh prison days in our lives but still there are some things that even we can’t bear with.” Faizan added.

“You never know what he might reveal in-front of you. Maybe he knows why they casted Kirsten Dunst as lead actress in Spiderman. Or maybe he knows the guy who let the dog out. Or maybe he knows why is Jadeja still playing in team India. We had questions that we needed answers to. That’s why we were too eager to meet Lalit Modi.” Faizan explained.

When asked if he was lying about it and wanted to get out of the jail just to meet family or the love of his life Faizan replied “What love sir? I haven’t find one yet. And searching for true love is like searching for a politician who is yet to meet Lalit Modi in London.”

Meanwhile, police is keeping an eye on all the flights to London in process to catch Javed, who managed to escape.

On the other hand, Arnab Goswami is keeping an eye on Sushma Swaraj to check if she helps Javed too to fly London on humanitarian grounds.