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Walk in job offer for political protesters

30, Sep 2014 By rohitshetty

With just a month to go for assembly elections, Mumbai employment market is seeing a huge surge in job requirement in a rather unusual sector… the politics.

Since almost every politician’s kid has grown up by now , market is seeing shift from demand of a politician to a rather huge demand for political protesters.

Over on our local International Website, our missing reporter reported a lucrative job description before absconding.

Wanted Political protesters (Social Worker)

People with any one of the below skills please apply:

• Should not be able to read/ understand the posters being held by them

• Should have good aiming skills at throwing Chappals /Sandals/ Eggs / Ink … (Housewives with more than 2 years of Marriage experience will be preferred)

• Can stand for more than 2 hour / Sit for more than 4 hours in one place no matter who shouts at you (Husbands with even 1 day Marriage experience will be preferred )

• For duration of the project, Candidates should not show affiliation to any political parties except the ones they are allocated for.

• People with experience in Bribing Negotiating with Checknaka Police will be preferred for Senior Management position

Perks: Misal with Extra Paav + Desi Quarter for every rally. Overtime allowance of extra quarter for Mmn and blouse piece for ladies will be arranged.