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Viewers call for 'ad-ban' following NDTV-Delhi's broadcast-ban

09, Nov 2016 By varunsundars

New Delhi. Watching TV has become a daunting task nowadays with plaguing advertisements every now and then. Now with the Modi’s Sarkar imposing a 1-day broadcast ban on NDTV-Delhi for the controversial coverage of Pathankot attacks, Mr AdBlocker, a social activist, has filed a social welfare plea in Supreme Court demanding a ban on annoying TV commercials (ads) for a day too.

On being requested, Mr AdBlocker gave an exclusive interview to Faking News related to this affair, whose excerpts are as follows:

FN Reporter: Namaste Sir! By the way, how did you get this dubious name?

AdBlocker: Just like Ad-Block browser extension, I try my best to block all TV advertisements not only in my home but also in neighbouring household thereby getting this name (and raises his shirt’s collar).

Mr. AdBlocker's reaction on watching a television ad!
Mr. AdBlocker’s reaction on watching a television ad!

FN Reporter: Were you personally affected by ads as well?

AdBlocker: Yes, because of one of those shitty ads, I lost the life of my mother.

FN Reporter: Are you kidding? How does it actually happen?

AdBlocker: My mother is an asthma patient. One day when I was busy watching TV with my family, suddenly she started suffering from the wheezing problem. I asked my wife to give her an inhaler, but she was busy watching advertisement of one of her favourite jewellery store. She even did not tell me, where she had kept it. By the time I searched and found the inhaler, she was already dead!

FN Reporter: Very sad to hear. Ok, in what other scenarios did you find tv commercials to be a huge headache?

AdBlocker: Believe me or not. Once I planned for a long trip to Kasi by foot right from my house. I remember watching that Amitabh Bachan show, yes KBC while I started leaving. After I returned almost a month back, I found the advertisements of KBC still going on and I had to pinch myself after seeing the very next question of the same show that I was previously watching!

FN Reporter: In general what are the effects of watching continuous ads for a normal TV viewer?

AdBlocker: Often when a viewer is watching that non-stop nonsense (the pet name for ads in his dictionary), he even forgets what program he was actually watching. And that too you need to have the patience of our former PM Manmohan Singh’s calibre, if you plan to watch a recent movie which is being telecast on special occasions on tv, as ads will start pestering you for every 10 minutes or so.

FN Reporter: Also can you please tell us the health hazards of watching TV advertisements for a long time?

AdBlocker: By watching continuous ads, my wife has acquired a power of + (or) – 10 in her sharp eyes! Also she has already become a size of an elephant after buying pizza and other junk foods for which the majority of ads are generally being shown.

FN Reporter: US Scientists have recently coined a new term called ‘Ad-addiction’. Do you know anything about this disease

AdBlocker: A plenty. My wife, after watching ads for 22 hour period every day, has registered the contents of all ads that are shown in her subconscious mind. As a result, she chants songs of the ads that she watches during bath as well as in sleep. And she even says her dreams are also ad-filled with ads coming for every few minutes! Nowadays she has become an ad-addict in such a way that she changes channels on seeing the actual program, so as to view the commercials in other channels!

FN Reporter: So what do you think will happen if you win this historic case?

AdBlocker: If I win this case, all the TV channels will have a nightmare as they need to at least pre-shoot a year’s program beforehand, so as to broadcast on that ad-free day. It is because on a normal day they only air the actual program for 5-10 minutes of their original allotted 30 minutes time slot, which will not be the case on that day as no ads could be shown as per court order.

Mr.AdBlocker only allowed us to leave the place after we promised him that this interview will not be shown as a preview ad in our FakingNews website by any case!