Tuesday, 23rd January, 2018

Vanity van or purity van for actors

27, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: English-Vinglish fame actress Sridevi said that it was she who first got Vanity Van for herself. Was it simply vanity van or used as purity van. However, the yesteryear actress wishes to stress upon the secondary aspect. The vanity van was no longer a part of egoism, it was certainly brought as the purity van. She mentioned how the actresses used to face troubles in the past years in absence of the vanity van. They had to endure awkward situations unwillingly. What they experienced during rural areas shooting schedules was worst.

Sridevi accepted that she had once seen this purposeful Van during a film shooting somewhere. Therefore she decided to bring in the use of this ideal thing for her convenience. Currently, vanity van is as much associated with the actors as was anything suitable for them. The actors feel at ease by possessing this particularly usable van as they obtain time to relax inside the cosy space of the vanity van.

The moot question is why has the old actress raised the value of vanity van at this moment? Was she indicating at the sanitary importance in the days of Clean India slogan? Is she popularising the message of cleanliness drive by telling the usefulness of the luxurious vanity van? That was why she gave the examples of actresses’ hassle in changing of clothes in the instant human encirclement and attending the call of nature behind safer sites like the trees or the rocks. She seems to be replicating Vidya Balan in spreading the importance of toilets in every home.

It will be apt to add here that the UP government has promised to fill up the potholes only because the common people had developed the habit of defecating into a few feet deep ditches. No ditches policy served the purpose of cleanliness drive too.