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Upcoming journo fails to defend Yakub Memon on Twitter, made to write "Modi is Fascist" 786 times

31, Jul 2015 By thepelicanclub

In a development that serves as strict warning to future and upcoming presstitutes journalists, Randeer Chaddha, an up coming libtard has been given an old school punishment by Adarsh Liberal community. According to sources, Randheer Chaddha was given a show cause notice by SLAPS (Senior Liberals Association Promoting Secularism) last night for not tweeting or blogging to defend Yakub Menon who has now been wrongfully hanged in male-chauvinistic, Hindu Brahmin India or in short Modi’s India.

While acclaimed lawyers, who are often out of affordability range of any AAM or even most Khaas aadminis, were defending Yakub Menon even minutes before the hanging, SLAPS wasted no time in dishing out the punishment.

Take this pen Dad. Start writing. Its your turn today.
“Take this pen Dad. Start writing. Its your turn today.”: Child to Randeer Chaddha

Senior SLAPS member Rajdeep Sardesai defended the punishment by saying that this will teach the erring journalist respect for seniors in the profession and they will learn to follow the press agenda clearly set forth by SLAPS.

“This will straighten out his Moral Compass.” he added.

Barkha Dutt, the divine liberal queen has decided not to take Yakub’s hanging sitting down and raised overall question on death penalty itself. She wished only if the judiciary will take flexible view of secular cases like liberal press, India will be so much better place to live – almost at par with Pakistan.

Visibly shattered after the hanging decision, she questioned the merit of the due process of the law been followed.  All army programs done aside, the neutral mask almost fell off when she urged that Death Penalty should also cover terrorist encounter operations. There also due process of the law should be followed. Security forces should arrest and produce the alleged terrorist in court instead of retaliating fire so that more time can be used to defend and free terrorists due process of law is followed.

In his defense, Mr. Chadda has claimed that he was busy investigating the Punjab terrorist attacks and did not have time or mobile data to defend Yahkub. However, this further angered SLAPS who decided that show cause notice is not enough.

Sagarika Ghose, opines – “This is classic rookie mistake. Who made this guy a journalist? We have already extracted political mileage of the attack. The Badal government has been shown in bad light, further attacks have been made on Modi. You should know when to stop. As soon as it was confirmed that Islamic terrorists were involved who came from across the border, we immediately trained the focus on Yakub. How long these newbies will take to grasp the Idea of India concept?”

Mr. Chaddha was last seen writing “Modi is a Fascist” in cursive writing in order to build his case for SLAPS.