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UPA is a religion, Gandhis are God & BJP is a Demonic race: Harish Khare

02, Sep 2013 By cynic

Continuing his tirade of biased and spiteful references towards BJP, Harish Khare termed it as a demonic race, which is plaguing the citizens of the country through its communal propaganda. Taking his servile nature towards Nehru – Gandhi dynasty, he termed them as living gods and UPA is a religion, which everyone should embrace.

For the people who do not know Harish Khare, he was former media adviser to Manmohan Singh and his current job is to lead people astray with his biased, annoying & spiteful articles in leading news papers. Mr. Khare, overdoes his job, not only by continuing to write articles which are in support and favour of  UPA policies, but also by ridiculing, criticising, belittling Advani, Modi, BJP, Left, media, corporates, common man. From his writings, it can be clearly understood that he is Nehru – Gandhi dynasty supporter and anti BJP.

Some of his famous gaffe’s include comparing Narayana Murthy’s idealogical approach to those of Maoists,  terming common man’s protests against the failures of government in providing a secured environment to its women as ugliness and lawless mobs, insulting the country’s youth by saying that they have no sense of history, when they said enough is enough with the dynasty and many more.

Some of his famous articles are:

1. Narayana Murthy’s idealogical approach is similar to that of Maoists.

2. Food Security Bill must be applauded & those opposing it are dishonest.

3. If Advani had been PM, it would have been worse.

4. Liberating CBI from political clutches would produce an institutional disequilibrium of the most unhelpful kind.

5. Protests in Delhi are like any other protests by lawless mobs.

There are many other articles by Mr. Khare, which the author feel are not worth mentioning and the author also wishes that Khare’s GOD gives him wisdom and an healthy state of mind.