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UPA calls for secular entrance examination for journalist jobs

20, Aug 2013 By pareshan

After information and Broadcasting Minister, it is the turn of Mr. Diggi to call for entrance examination for Journos.

This comes Five months after Press Council of India (PCI) chairman  Katju set up a committee to determine minimum qualifications for a journalist. Minister for Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Manohar Tewari had earlier this week revived the issue by suggesting a ‘common examination’ for journalists, who would then be required to have ‘license’ to practice the profession.

Speaking at a symposium on media education here on Monday, Mr.Diggi said rather than having news about corruption, missing files which are communal in nature, media could help educated citizens of India about the secular program being run by the UPA government. He said a certain sections of media are communal agents from the RSS, which are spreading lies like 2G, CWG, coal gate scams etc. So this examination is being mooted to ensure only paid free journalists are allowed to report.

Mr. Diggi recognized that journalism ‘drew to itself people from different fields, with specializations like a doctorate in economics or international relations,’ and flagged the question, “Would it be fair to subject them to another exam?” Answering it himself, he said, “I think they will not resent it. It will lead to a certain degree of secularization.”. The viewers will benefit from the new media manipulation empowerment.

This exam will be based on the medical and Engineering entrance exam and will be of MCQ format, to be followed by a viva-voice to be conducted by secular journalist. The exam will be conducted by the NDTV and DoorDarshan. The practical will be conducted by a panel of experienced journalist headed by Ms. Sagarika Ghosh, Burkha Dutt, and Rajdeep Sardesai.

Senior Journalist Arnab Gowswami has meanwhile started farming in Singur, as he believes there is no way he will pass the test. Opposition has decided to stage a walkout to protest.