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Udayan Mukherjee to enter Guinness Book of Records for asking same question maximum number of times

01, Aug 2013 By zhootareportor

The CNBC TV18 star anchor Udayan Mukherjee’s is going to be a part of Guinness book of records shortly. His name is going to be part the record book for a strange reason. While star studded anchors on other news channels, try to increase TRP of their shows by asking bizarre questions and creating undesirable controversy to the TV guests on different topics, Mr. Udayan has decided to keep himself away from this. His has rather decided to remain Mr. Consistent and no wonder he has even defeated Mr. Arnav Goswami in the race to be the first Indian anchor to feature in Guinness Book of records.

Mr.Udayan is being given entry into the record book for asking same question maximum number of times in the history of television shows all across the world. As per one of the estimates he has asked this question more than a crore time on his show. His morning starts with asking the most obvious question,’ Where is the stock market headed?’. He asks the same question to various guests that appear on this show from morning to evening. Some guests are so used to this question that they start even without Udayan asking them this question in the morning. Udayan has tried his best to rephrase the question multiple times but has failed to achieve much success as the guests are so used to this question that they find themselves helpless in answering this question in asked in a different way.

Mr. Mukherjee inspite of knowing that nobody has the answer to this question but everybody wants to answer it , has used this question very meticulously to engage the guest on the shows. It goes to the credit of Mr. Udayan Mukherjee that his question ’ Where is the market headed?’  has become part of some of the unanswered questions of all times.