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TV channel faces fire for not criticizing AAP enough

10, Jan 2014 By aravind86

Balle-Balle TV, a popular entertainment channel which caters to the dancing people of Delhi, Punjab and Haryana, has come under much criticism for not criticizing the Aam Aadmi Party enough in their channel. If reports are to be believed, not even a single breaking news, non breaking news, normal news, breaking dance, or normal dance programme has criticized AAP from the day the broom became a national symbol in the country.

Mr. Nachthur Singh, MD and CEO of Balle Balle TV, told reporters that the allegations are baseless. Dancing to reporters’ questions, he said “We dont even have a news channel; We are an entertainment channel. Where does the question of criticizing AAP arise?” At this point, all the reporters who were present there, including yours truly, stormed out of the room. “Indeed, the day has yet to come when the sheer audacity of an entertainment channel not criticizing the AAP, has to be accepted as normal by us”, a fellow reporter reminded me at the venue.

In related news, the journalist of a popular news website,, was fired after it was found that he forgot to mention “28 out of 70” or “28/70” in an article relating to AAP, which refers to the number of seats won by AAP in the Delhi elections. It has been found that it was the first one among 18765940 articles on the internet to carry a write up on AAP but still not mention about AAP winning 28/70 seats in the concluding paragraph. When contacted, the author said that he has ‘fractiphobia’ – the fear of fractions in Math.