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TOI's oops moment - Common sense malfunction

15, Sep 2014 By Rajesh Turlapati

Times of India, a leading news organization in India was caught in a compromising position on Sunday.  TOI which is mainly famous for its ‘OOPS moment’ pics on their website, has its own oops moment on Sunday evening after Deepika Padukone lashed out at their senseless article openly in Twitter.

“Though this is not a wardrobe malfunction, this can still come under Common sense malfunction. So, it is technically a OOPS moment,” confirmed an OOPS expert.

TOI faces OOPS moment
TOI faces OOPS moment

Inspite of huge uproar in social media, TOI’s editor was surprisingly seen happy with the proceedings.  “We have finally got that. I am proud of it,” said the Editor. “After the tweet by Deepika Padukone, our website hits got increased by 250%, which is much more than our target this month. This boosts up our quarterly targets and brings us more ads and more bonus. We are very grateful to Deepika and Twitter,” he explained.

“I haven’t seen my Editor so happy in recent times. The last time I saw him happy was when TOI’s website won ‘Best Porn website of the year’ award,” said a TOI ‘journalist’.

Faking News also contacted some TOI’s readers in Bangalore.

“I have been trying to read a news article in TOI website from early morning, so far I could’nt achieve that,” said a retired Engineer who has been closing different types of ads popping up for last 4 hours.  “Yahooo!!” he cried, when he finally got to open the news, but his happiness not lasted long as another ad came from top right corner with almost invisible ‘close’ button.

Faking News approached an IT company in Bangalore who has been working on a software that cleverly closes ads automatically and extract news from TOI. The project is named as ‘TOI LET’ (acronym for ‘TOI – Let news come out’).

“It is very tricky, ads can come up from any corner of the website. We are using high-end technology to decode that,” claimed an IT engineer working on the project. “And, its not just ads, some of our users want real news (not just any ‘news’) to be extracted from this website, which is very hard, as they hardly publish real news. Our software should be available in market next year,” he added.