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Times now to convert every host's voice into Arnab's to increase TRPs

20, Oct 2014 By onesidedargument

arnab goswami
“Listen to me”

India is obsessed with Arnab’s voice; it is as exhilarating as an IPhone for every Indian viewer. In an unprecedented move in Indian television history to cash this obsession, Times now procured a device from Google, which converts every host’s voice into Arnab goswami’s.

We have analysed our TRP ratings over the time, whenever Arnab’s voice is heard TRP went up. Even when Arnab’s voice heard in advertisements, TRP went up by few points. We are driven by TRP, and will do anything to make it big; from now on you’ll only hear Arnab Goswami in Times now.

To make it little more entertaining for viewers, every host will be given 3 week crash course on how to assault your guest. Times now is even planning to set up journalism school, where you can get yourself certified as journalist assaulter specializing Arnab’s style.

While Times now is busy in setting up its journalism school, other medium houses are seen holding meetings to counter this move. If reports are to be believed, there was even proposal to pull in Bilwalo Bhutto to counter Arnab, but later that was put on hold.