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Times Now puts up 'Lalitgate' merchandise for sale on Flipkart, Snapdeal

02, Jul 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: In what has turned out to be an out of the box tactic for gaining viewership,  popular news channel Times Now has reportedly put up #Lalitgate merchandise for sale on the online shopping websites Flipkart and Snapdeal. Fans will very soon be able to purchase these products online.

Arnab Goswami inaugurated Times Now’s new retail brand “Lalitgate” in Mumbai studios last night in the presence of several noted outrage patrons. Brand #Lalitgate promises a wide range of products for end user’s consumption, with a quality that will have a lasting effect on consumers and good enough to permanently register the last month’s episodes of News Hour in their minds.

Faking News reporters had the privilege of taking a sneak peek into the first set of products that will soon be available online for viewers to purchase. Here’s the Faking News Exclusive on #Lalitgate products.

1. Lalitgate Poster 

The Lalitgate Poster is a wonderful piece of art with Lalitgate inscribed on Arnab’s chest. This was actually a picture taken while Arnab was lifting weights in his private gym. This poster is available in 3 sizes – 11×13, 15×17 and 19×23, priced at  ₹ 100,  ₹ 300 and  ₹ 500 respectively.

Posterboy Arnab posing in his gym.

2. ‘I <3 Lalitgate' T-Shirt

For all those branded apparel lovers, Times Now brings to you this lovely T-Shirt with a message on it.

Watch Times Now regularly? Then show off with this cool t-shirt

3. Lalitgate’s designer watch

Do you look at your watch before tuning into Times Now everyday at prime-time? If yes, this is a studly piece meant for you. The watch comes in 3 models – RANT, REBUTTAL and DODGE. Here’s a picture of the REBUTTAL model.

The REBUTTAL model, best suited for denial mode.

4. The Travel Bag

Travel frequently? Times Now promises ‘instant respect’ from co-passengers when you carry this stylish bag, for you’re fan of the most watched news channel at India’s prime-time.

Arnab’s favorite: Lalitgate bag.

Inspite of the fact that #Lalitgate products will soon be available online, there has been a mad rush outside select malls across metropolitan cities ever since Times Now’s announcement of limited sale at stores. Consequently, the malls have put up sign-boards asking the users to be patient while the stock is yet to arrive at the outlets.