Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

Times Now fires its current roster of reporters, offers full time role to Abhijeet

20, Apr 2017 By Sir_Jaunpuriya

Journalism touched its new heights yesterday on News Hour. Abhijeet, a singer from yesteryears and now a full-time Salman Khan Employee hijacked the whole debate with his wise comments on the opponent. The debate was going on an utterly useless topic of another talented but unemployed singer’s head shaving incident.

Abhijeet in journalism mood
Abhijeet in journalism mood

It was reported that all the TV18 officials switched off the TV after getting bored within two minutes of the show. But Abhijeet’s performance in the show made them switch on the TV due to stone pelting by a certain community unnamed.

This event also opened opportunity as a news anchor for MR Abhijeet, as Times Now Group is now searching for a replacement of Mr Arnab Goswami. Time officials said, ” He(Mr Abhijeet)  fulfils all the requirements for the current role. He can hijack the show with hs loud and useless comments and he is also from eastern part of Inda”.

Our correspondents inquired Abhijeet to find out that he rejected the current offer.  He commented, “I am busy doing daily chores at Bhai’s house. I could do this part time, but I have to ask Bhai first”.