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Times Group launches "Lalit Now", a 24x7 news channel to focus solely on Lalit Modi

19, Jun 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: In a sensational turn of events, India’s largest media house Times Group took an instant decision to launch “Lalit Now”, a 24 hour news channel that’ll solely focus on anything and everything about Lalit Modi. This comes after a drastic decrease in TRPs of their existing news channel “Times Now”owing to excessive usage of nauseating hashtags like #Lalitgate.

“Arnab getting ready for the first ever debate on Lalit Now.”

While Times Now will continue to broadcast everything other than #Lalitgate, Lalit Now will focus solely on the ousted IPL commissioner Lalit Modi’s movements.

Reliable sources say that this channel’s broadcast would be on the lines of Jim Carrey classic The Truman Show capturing Lalit’s movements from alarm snoozes to crash outs.

Lalit Modi was reportedly more than elated after he heard about a new channel being named after him. He is also believed to have thanked Arnab Goswami for trending awful hashtags that led to an overnight increase in his Twitter followers and Instagram fans.

Times Group’s number two Navika will accompany Arnab in Lalit Now shows while the mundane Anand Narasimhan would take the lead in Times Now studios.

The staff at the Times Now studios seemed quite happy with the turn of events as they wouldn’t need to face their angry boss at the studios anymore as a new studio is being constructed for the new channel’s broadcasting needs, adjacent to the current.

Meanwhile, the Aam Aadmi Party has demanded a separate channel called Tomar Now on the lines of Lalit Now so that their party gets maximum possible visibility in their race towards the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.