Monday, 19th February, 2018

The Hindu starts advance campaigning against Death Penalty for Hyderabad Blasts Masterminds

21, Feb 2013 By Armchair Reporter

Worried with the prospects of slowing down of protests against Afzal Guru’s hanging, after Hyderabad blasts, The Hindu has started preparing for a new campaign for commutation of death penalty for Hyderabad Blasts Masterminds.

“Afzal guru campaign was just going fine, and we hoped that after our  unsuccessful attempts at saving Kasab and Guru, we’ll be able to save at least remaining terrorists, brigands, rapists and other mass murderers. It would have been a lot helpful, had they waited for few days, we could have saved at least one terrorist. It would have been helpful to them as  well, as all of them could have colluded to kill more people,” an internal source told FNN on the condition of not being named.

[sic]For many years now, The Hindu has opposed the death penalty on principle — often in the face of intense public disapproval.  The Hindu oppose it for ordinary killers and mass murderers, communal pogromists as well as terrorists like Muhammad Ajmal Amir Kasab.[sic] “We have to bring newness in our campaign, public seems to be getting bored with our oft repeated arguments against capital punishment. Plus the almost daily happening grievous crimes also weaken our position. So we have brought in new talent to launch a polemic on Capital Punishment. By the time, Hyderabad Blast Masterminds are caught, our campaign will be ready,” the same source reported.

There are also news reports mentioning Amnesty International has expressed its desire for securing human rights for terrorists.