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Tharoor UPA PM candidate for 2019 elections

16, May 2017 By Syeda Zahara jabeen

New Delhi. UPA announced Shashi Tharoor as their PM candidate for 2019 elections. The decision comes after the entire nation learnt the word ‘farrago’ minutes after the MP’s massive tweet.

“Mr. Tharoor is chosen as PM candidate. A party meeting was called soon after Tharoor’s tweet went viral. The fact that the entire nation learnt ‘exasperating farrago’ at once amused Mrs Sonia Gandhi. If the MP becomes PM he can teach new English words to millions at one go. The high command made this decision in the interest of the nation,” confirmed a Congress spokesperson.

Shashi Tharoor addressing the nation
Shashi Tharoor addressing the nation

“If UPA comes to power then Shashi Tharoor will be the PM. We are planning a 30 min weekly program on All India Radio where he will introduce new words with at least three examples. The title of the program is suggested to the MP as ‘Hearty Conversations’. He is yet to approve the title. Once approved, we will call a press meet to make a formal announcement. Plans are on to make his real degrees public in case opposition critiques him”, said a party member on condition of anonymity.

On the other hand a fresh Law graduate Jagdish Singh, who is believed to have taken inspiration from Jolly LLB, has filed a PIL against the MP for using high vocabulary. “No statutory warning was issued before dropping the massive tweet exasperating India. Thus I filed PIL” he said.

On learning about the UPA’s decision Mr. Jagdish said: “It is UPA’s strategy to win 2019 elections. If voted, they will divert the mind of common man from real issues by keeping them engaged with English lessons. I urge citizens not to get carried away by UPA (UnPrincipled Alliance). Anyway, I am in talks with Arnab Goswami to air a show on his Republic TV questioning the vocabulary used by the MP.”