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Tehelka announces opening for various posts

29, Nov 2013 By Ashish Kedia

After many of its employees resigning in heap without any good known reason, Tehelka has come out with holes, err openings in several of its processes.  After being criticized for using extremely tough words in their personal conversations, Tehelka has this time decide to keep it simple and frank. We present here the original draft of the notice for our readers review.

Join us, it's fun working here.
Join us, it’s fun working here.

Openings in Tehelka

Tehelka as you all must have been aware of by now is a national magazine publication house. (Yes, that’s our prime work Goa Fest was just a side fun activity). We are looking out for employees who comply with our motto of work, i.e.

Free (We don’t sell Much, We have to distribute Copies for Free Afterwards)

Fair (This part is on our boss’s special request, not related to views but you know what)


Fearless (We have good links, wink…wink!!!)

Though we take whatever we want from our employees without any consent but still there are some prerequisite necessities that you need to have by default.

Essential Requirements:

  •   Very forthcoming for Sycophancy where required.
  •   A nose for finding culpability in anything related to Gujrat.
  •   Vision to connect every wrong thing in the world with incompetent Gujat government.
  •   Crocodile Skinned.
  •   Any similarity with Chameleon would be an added benefit.

*For editors a background in Fiction preferred

Please submit your resumes with a write-up on

How Half-Sleeve Kurta Modi wears is a Threat to National Security?

Shortlisted Candidates would be informed through mms..err….sms.

Disclaimer: We don’t have Lifts in our office.