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Techie becomes mad after watching News on weekend, mixes World Cup with AAP Drama

30, Mar 2015 By fakedust

Hyderabad. After a heavy dose bug fixes on weekdays, a Hyderabad based IT engineer made the most unfortunate decision of his life, that being watching news channels on the weekend.

The techie says they are part of Australia Aadmi Party (AAP)

The two games being presented one after the other left him so confused that his roommate eventually had to drag him to a psychiatrist.

“He has completely lost it,” his roommate told our correspondent, “He watched the Aam Aadmi Party drama with a great interest yesterday. When I asked in the morning as to which team he is supporting to win the world cup, to great amazement he replied that both the teams are from the same continent, and they should settle it out instead of fighting.”

The room-mate continued, “He did not stop there. He continued saying that though Micheal Kejriwal is a self proclaimed born chief minister and is highly expected to win, Yogendra McCullum should also get a chance to lead his team to a world cup victory.”

The room-mate was in tears by now and further added, “He was also saying that bad decisions by the umpire Kumar Dharamsena Vishwas can turn the game.”

When asked more tactically by our correspondent, the room-mate hesitatingly revealed that there has been another incident earlier during the start of the world cup when the color of #TheDress was trending worldwide. He claimed the color of New Zealand’s dress to be white and gold.