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Tara Sahdev's case too complicated to register in brains of intellectuals and liberals: Research

30, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

Ranchi. A research conducted by a team of social media experts has revealed that the case of national shooter Tara Sahdev is far too complicated for intellectuals active on Twitter, Facebook, Newshour, etc. to register in their minds.

Very complicated case indeed!
Very complicated case indeed!

According to the experts, there are so many complexities in the case like forced conversion, assault, marital rape, forced captivity, starvation, torture, human trafficking, etc. that even the most famous self proclaimed intellectuals have been apparently left too confused to react on it.

As a part of this research cum experiment, several questions were posed to the intellectuals.

“We asked them many times about Tara Sahdev’s case. We tweeted to them as a part of our research to get their opinion about it. We even sent them full reports in case they said they were not aware of it. But they still could not come up with any response,” the man behind the research told Faking News

“At best some of them responded by blocking us on Twitter or showing some moral compass,” he further revealed

“That probably explains why there have been virtually no reactions from the intellectual and liberal brigade on the case,” he concluded.

“However the moment we changed the name of the victim to say some Shabana or Nazia or something, their brains were probably the fastest ever to outrage and comment on how India was under the grip of communal forces,” he pointed to how the intellect of those intellectuals was still intact and they still had the ability to resent.

Faking News then met few doctors who confirmed these people were hypocrisy + and could be suffering from the terminal condition of acute pseudo secularity syndrome.