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Superhero hosts homely, humid show

29, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The show ‘Big Boss’ is not as older as the big person hosting the programme for the past several years. The show is going to complete its eleventh year which had been precisely started in the year of 2006. It is supposed what we commonly found in our everyday lives was going to be portrayed in this popular television show. As the Tubelight hero hosts the programme, his appeal, as well as popularity, occupies viewers in the unique show. It cannot be rejected that the enormous fan following of the superstar holds enough role in the popularisation of the three-month-long sweet or bitter show.

What the viewers most like is the argumentation and verbal fight among the contestants during the episode after episode. They are not supporting the timing of the show after ten in the night. For the younger viewers, it is too late on the first five days of the week. When it will be aired after ten we will not be able to get up early in the morning for our schools. Therefore the adjustment should be taken into consideration. It has been seen that the show definitely draws them to the television set as the young viewers are found to be fixing up the defects in the idiot box for proper watching every episode of the interesting show. A few viewers have even changed the nearly dead and dull remote control for the better viewing.

The show is comparatively assumed to be more exciting with various new additions. The fresh show has been said to have based on a theme Padosi, which will finally put diverse contestants’ secret dating matter. Will it remain still the most contentious show or contestants’ even-tempered show? Verily, the viewers are waiting to watch the participant playing as the neighbourhood newspaper in the ensuing show.