Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Sunset sight on Mars' horizon pulls us

26, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The Curiosity Rover’s pictures on life at Mars are quite stunning. What attracts the most is the picture of Sun setting down on the Mars’ horizon. We have so far experienced sunrise and sunset on this living planet. We know the day begins with sun rays and ends with its rays downing. However, the sunset sight on Mars gives us feel exactly same way about the earth. The smaller sun is moving down in the picture. Its light falls on this planet too. It is obviously the sun that lightens every planet.

Wherever its radiance spreads out, there is illumination. This is the face of the God’s creations. This picture is an eye-opener for us. The simple fact is that life can be realised at the Mars owing to the presence of the brilliance of the sun rays falling amply there. If the real estate builders are really or probably thinking of erecting multi-storied structures on that distant planet they need not be dismayed wholly. Avenues are abundant there and they could invest there a minimal amount of money which they earned on this populated planet.

There is enough opportunity for them. What they require to focus on is a different type of structural design. Along with this architectural variance, the materials would also be different. The sands and rocks are amply available there. This has been confirmed with the rover’s pictures taken from different angles. Since the manpower does not exist there the cost of raising structures would be a little higher. The solace is that there are no other worldly complexities there. Therefore the path is not unsafe for making the money. Just as one after another new continents were discovered with the time so as a whole new planet be will be accessible to the builders. They will plan whatever they wish to prepare at their own free will. A planet like Mars does not offer them any risk for initiating different projects.