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Students face agony twice a year

12, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What most disturbs the students is their humiliation twice an academic year during a semester. This is so as the semester system being an academic term is dividing the whole year into two equal parts, or four quarters. In normal manner of speaking it is the division of an academic year, the time during which a college holds classes. It may also be applicable in the schools and universities. Four quarters are equivalent to the two 18-week semesters.

It remains a matter of burning discussion whether this popular system signifies value for the intelligent students. Views vary definitely and this system continues with all its intrinsic vehemence. When the teachers and the student talk about its forcefulness, their vision and analysis are also not always falling in line. Recently at a discussion organised on an occasion, the teachers collected the students’ views on the significance of semester system, the students were not found to be completely unanimous in their reactions. It was later learnt that they were unambiguous in their erudite points.

The students were overheard saying they never deliberated upon this straight point carefully so their rapid reactions were not wholly all the more quite convincing. One precocious student in order to lighten the tense atmosphere stated that we really could not realise what actually the benefits were. We used to focus more on our studies and careers as well. The worry for the future disturbed us most. What we used to take was that we had to undergo the distress of embarrassment at least two times during the whole educational year.

Independent thinking is certainly the basic democratic right of every student so the thinking comes in that free open way. The students lived on their own perception towards life and society. Their main motive revolves around the study and the approaching life. They persistently keep on counting days, weeks, months until the final exams are not over.