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Strepsils to sign Arnab Goswami as its brand ambassador

04, Dec 2013 By handsomethakur

Mumbai. Reckitt Benckiser – the manufacturer and marketer of Strepsils – has roped in the Times Now Editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami who is known for his thunderous and deafening voice on his daily TV show.

arnab goswami
Strepsils is the secret of my energy.

A market leader in its category, Strepsils has for the first time in history gone ahead and appointed a celebrity in its advertisements. The company has plans of undertaking its ‘biggest ever marketing campaign’ (read loudest ever marketing campaign) that would feature Arnab Goswami in the lead.

With the General Elections being announced in April next year, company wants to capitalise on Arnab’s popularity and his deafening voice. When asked about the deal, Arnab said he will do for Strepsils what Sachin, Salman and Ramdev have done for Boost, Revital and Pranayam respectively in the past.

A statement published by the company said, Arnab was the right choice as he embodies the core values and characteristics of the brand, especially the latest taglines of the brand which say ‘Gale ka Doctor’ and ‘Gala khol, Khul ke bol’.

Interestingly, predicting the immediate aftermath of the move Sony India has decided to capitalize on the opportunity by promoting its Noise Cancellation Headphones aggressively in the Indian market.

The headset manufacturer is planning to run its TV ads right after Strepsil’s Arnab ads and claims the positioning of its Noise Cancellation Headphones can never get better than this. They are also in talks with the regular guests of Arnab’s show, Reckitt Benckiser wants them to be wearing those head sets while on the show.

The competitors of this English Channel are already feeling the heat and if sources are to be believed they are planning to take the help of Law to book Arnab and his TV show under the Section 33 of Bombay Act, 1951 which prohibits use of loud noise after 10 o’clock at night.